i know that starting over is not what life's about but my thoughts were so loud, i couldn't hear my mouth.

this week has passed so suprisingly quickly that i'm not sure i even remember it in its entirety. whether this has been the sheer speed at which time is passing here or the copious numbers of thoughts that seem to have taken over.. there really is no way to keep track. wednesday marked peace with several pelting hours of thundershowers. nothing has ever sounded so much like home and i've never been so grateful to hear the crack resound in the heat. otherwise life as usual hummed along with added planning for an adventure to chiang rai and burma tomorrow. visa border runs as they may be i am excited to be somewhere else. it's funny that even in this foreign world my calling to drift along as the vagabond i was born to be have found me. the thoughts of floating along appease my soul like no other yet such a section of my heart belongs to all the things i leave behind. conundrums for another day though really as i have entirely too many things to do presently. 

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