expectations and goals. icu.

The questions of expectations is one I always try to avoid, as i've found that my life is so ever presently changing in ways influenced by many greater forces than the ones I illicit with my actions that this particular question is one I feel ill-equipped to answer. Yet, there are some things that I indefinitely hope to attain during my stay in Chiang Mai and participation in the IPSL service learning program. Firstly, one of my biggest regrets is my inability to fluent converse multi-lingually and expect to leave Thailand with a working knowledge of the language structure and a conversational basis. As I am very self-motivated to achieve this I feel that my aim is to achieve more than a basic structure but a comfortable working vocabulary aswell as knowledge of the written components. With this said, my second expectation is to be able to incorporate my knowledge of the language to experience Chiang Mai from the perspective of a foreigner, but not that of a tourist. This for me entails an ability to socialize and learn from the members of the society about their culture, traditions, and religions. I'm fascinated by the long history still present in modern Thai society, as America is such a young nation, the idea that this culture has outlasted centuries is captivating for me. Another expectation I hold for myself is to find a comfortable place for myself, as a single individual in a foreign country. As I have travel experience and have been lucky enough to view many parts of the world, I have yet to truly realize myself completely separately from the boundaries and confines of my life until this point. I believe that to be alone truly, in a foreign place, and to find contentment and comfort in this type of unknown is something of true value. As for goals, I have many for myself throughout the course of my stay. One primary objective is to make my way across Southeast Asia and view many of the cultures present here, especially the dichotomy that exists between village and urban life. Secondly, I hope to create some lasting relationships while here, especially with the actual Thai students and my roommate. As contact even after the final days of the program would be an added bonus to the entire experience. 

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