typhus fever; is any of several similar diseases caused by rickettsiae, a genus of motile, gram-negative, non-sporeforming highly pleomorphic bacteria. the name comes from the greek word typhos, meaning smoky or hazy, describing the state of mind of those affected with typhus. thank you webmd. for me typhus really just equates to the death of my body and incorporates my second trip to my new home, the mccormick hospital in chiang mai. apparently, while fending off bacteria my body also managed to attract an obligate parasite. disgusting turn of events that got me once again immediately admitted and thus began the same process of 4 days previous. two days once again spent fending off fever, dehydration, parasites, bacteria, and i'm starting to conclude that thailand may infact hate my body.  the worst news in a while as i'm in love with it here. every cell in my body is hoping for healthy things as the sound of premature return to winter in new england is somehow more uncomfortable than parasites and bacteria galavanting through my organs. so please maybe think really good and healthy things for me. once again i'm back to the essential confinement of my dorm room with about the energy of a weakened 98 year old woman, but have found american movies and have big plans for a friday night date with them and some plain rice. mmmmthailand. that's all for now. sorry that there is really nothing more exciting to retell with my typical enthusiasm for life here, as for the moment i'm a little bit low on high spirits. with that said, i love you all immensely and please try not to fall on the ice that i hear is covering every piece of life there. 

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  1. Jessie! I'm so so so sorry your sick. I've been quite ill with a cold for the whole week but that's nothing compared to you. I can't imagine how terrible you must feel and I wish I could help you. Hope you feel better really soon and know that I'm thinking of you.
    oxox Love you